Our specialized bending department has two modern bending machineries, able to obtain the most complex shapes from the flat laser-cut or plasma-cut sheet, with tolerances that depend on the material, the thickness and the bending length.

As the steel is in fact a live material, it can undergo variations in bending depending on the used temperature or the direction of rolling of the sheet.

Medium-light folds like boxed cases, carter etc., are made using a 8-axis independent BEYELER 150 Ton press brake capable of bending up to 5mm per 4000mm on S275 sheet.

The bending of longer and heavier parts such as side members, bases, etc. is charged to a 4-axis COLGAR 400 Ton press brake, able to bend up to 12mm for 6000mm or up to 35mm for 1000mm on S275 sheet.

Each bending machine has several radius tools R1.5, R3, R6, R10, R15, R20, R30, R50 etc. in order to be able to meet the customer requests and to fit to the type of material.